Our first tutorial, how to make a tutorial!

When starting out a business it is important to keep costs low. For some businesses this means hiring outside help instead of full time employees, for others it means recycling. But for online businesses the best way to keep costs low is to use free services and open source software. We are here to not only service our clients effectively, but also to inform our community on the great services we find and use on a daily basis. In order for us to show you all of the cool stuff you can do on a computer, we either have to type up an article that you can follow step by step, or make a video that anyone can watch and follow along with. It is this latter method that I use frequently. Let’s face it, people don’t read as much as the used to, and when learning how to do something very hands on, like use software or websites, a visual tutorial is usual best. So we set out on a quest to find a way to make video tutorials for very little to no cost. Here’s the first of our findings.

This is a how-to on how to use free online screen casting software. In this case the “software” is an online web application called screentoaster.com

Screen Toaster allows you to capture your screen in video format by simply visiting their website and hitting record. Watch the video and give it a try.

I also give you a quick rundown of popurls.comdigg, and delicious, some websites that I will go into detail with on a future post.

Here is the video, posted twice to show the difference in publishing options.

via youtube (which we are all familiar with):

and now to show the diffence between the excellent youtube playback and via screentoaster where the flash interface currently does not allow “scrubbing” or moving around in the video, but does however show your comments…

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